Finding New and Used Jacobsen Golf and Turf Parts

Finding New and Used Jacobsen Golf and Turf Parts

Posted by Brad Fetrow on Mar 2nd 2023

Finding New and Used Jacobsen Golf and Turf Parts

Jacobsen has been one of the most trusted names among turf care professionals across the country for decades. However, acquiring parts for your Jacobsen has become increasingly difficult over the past few years in the US. As of 2020, Jacobsen’s parent company Textron has relocated all manufacturing to their facility in Ipswich, UK, including production from their facility in Augusta, GA. This has led to increased product scarcity and longer lead times for parts amongst US golf and turf care professionals, leaving many searching for the best way to secure parts for their new and old machines.

Thankfully, Cutter Parts Online has you covered for all your new and used Jacobsen turf care needs. Our sales team provides expert service, both in providing you with the exact part to get your commercial Jacobsen mower back on the golf course and in procuring new parts from a certified dealer. New parts are arriving at our warehouse every day, from seals and blades to larger items like starters and alternators.

We even have new Jacobsen parts that have become increasingly difficult to find over the past several years. We currently have a new backlap valve (P/N: 14070) for your Jacobsen GP400. A good backlap valve will help to extend the life of your bedknives and reels, and Cutter Parts Online has the parts to get your GP400 back in top form.

New Backlap Valve - Replaces Jacobsen 4221020

In addition to new parts, we also have an entire warehouse of used Jacobsen parts. Whether you are looking for hard-to-find, discontinued parts for your older model Jacobsen or looking to find the parts you need for a great value, we have you covered. Our warehouse technicians inspect all our used Jacobsen parts prior to shipment to ensure every motor, cylinder, and manifold is of good working quality. We have dozens of Jacobsen parts machines available across the spectrum of Jacobsen’s fleet of vehicles to make sure we can match you up with the parts you need, no matter what machine you have.

Do you need a part replaced, but don’t have weeks to wait? Cutter Parts Online has you covered there as well. Located in Canton, Ohio, we provide fast shipping throughout the United States to get you the parts you need to get your Jacobsen back on the course. We also offer several international shipping options for golf and turf care professionals around the globe. Cutter Parts Online has shipped Jacobsen parts to Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia to help get commercial mowers moving again worldwide.

So, while scarcity and supply chain issues can make finding parts for your Jacobsen machine feel daunting, you can have peace of mind knowing that Cutter Parts Online not only has thousands of parts available for your Jacobsen golf and turf equipment, but also has the knowledgeable staff and skilled technicians to quickly match you up with the high-quality parts you need.

For more information on our Jacobsen product line, as well as our extensive Toro and John Deere product lines, please contact us at 800-969-0175.